Monday, 30 May 2011

Chutes Ha! Ha!

No this waterfall isn't a comedian, it is one of the coolest drops in the area, with a very odd angle making a boof almost obsolete, it is the smallest water fall that you are supposed to plug on purpose, and it is kind of like getting slapped in the face with a baseball bat when you hit the bottom, but the unique part of this drop is that it is located in a beautiful gorge and at the flow we ran it at was super fun and full of crashing waves. So after looking at the drop for a while myself, tyler, LP and Frankee decided to fire it up. I charged first, and after a few splashes of water into the face and a pretty pushy ferry glide into the current I was at the lip, tucking and hucking, was a little with right and plugged going a bit over the handle bars, but came out all good with a big smile! Getting out and walking to the top proved to be a bit of a mission but overcame that barrier to go back to the top and run safety for Tyler who fired up a very stout left line which went well and he stomped it! LP and Frankee followd with frankee styling it and LP Having the best line of the day! After this hucking LP, Tyler and Myself headed down the rest of the river which turned out to be awesome, full of continuous class 3-4 goodness (aside from a dam rapid that was full of rebar). Here are the shots from the day! (photos by Louise Urwin)

Chutes Ha! Ha! 

Money shot!! run number one, getting my tuck on

Fist pump!!

Tyler getting it done

Round number two, boof - tuck this time!

Frankee getting it done

Lp Lining up...


The gorge, pretty amazing rock formation

The boys at the end, stoked!

Keep the Flow!

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