Thursday, 16 June 2011

Petite Bostannaise

Now these rapids have recently become infamous in the kayaking world thanks to the time trails they had on this section, now this up to this point has been the steepest slide I have ever run, and it is steep, but to give you an idea of how stout it was in the grand prix, the lowest recommended flow is 5, the highest recommended flow is 10, tyler and myself ran it at 17, and the day the time trails were run for the WGP, the river was at 32. Stout. Now from what tyler had said, i new it was going to be a sick afternoon, and one that will never be forgotten, we arrived from a long drive from Dolbeau - Mistassini at around 2ish... and after a scout we decided we would fire it up. So Tyler and myself headed of, after an epic left overs lunch to the put in. The first section contains a sick double drop which was nice, and the 2nd drop was an amazing lofty boof with nice air time. After this came a pretty manky little drop, wit no real lip to pull a boof on, but the light (and the rainbow) made for some cool shots.

Routing the first Drop. (P. Tyler Fox)

Getting ready to fly! (P. Tyler Fox)

Tyler Stomping it


Trying to boof... (P. Tyler Fox)

Tyler trying to find a pot of gold!

After this manky little drop it was time to fire the big slide... we walk down the river side, scouting as we went, set up the cameras at the bottom and rock, paper, scissors for the first run.... with that done I began to head to the top... nervously getting one last look at each section with a crux. Once at the top, I sat in the eddy, visualised the line and with a splash in the face I pushed my self off the bank and into the current. The first round didn't go so well, with me being pushed a little further right at the start of the slide then I wanted.. took half a roll.. got pushed where I didn't want to be and hit the piton rock you are not supposed to hit... not so fun... But with that over I continued down the rest of the slide (oh yeah it keeps going) and finished a little better.. got out of my boat and got ready to shoot tyler. Tyler had a sick line, getting to the bottom in one piece with a giant F**k Yeah! grin on his face.

Moments After the horrible line (P. Tyler Fox)

Already thinking about round 2 (P. Tyler Fox)

Tyler found Gold....

After Tylers run I chucked the boat on my shoulder and walked back to the top for round two. More nervous than before I pushed out into the current and began heading down, this time I was left, exactly where you are supposed to be. Came down the "white out zone" and hit the ledge, which gave me some pretty epic air time... 

Look really close at the top of the photo, that small dot is a kayaker (P. Tyler Fox)

At the bottom and stoked, Round two was much better! (P. Tyler Fox)

Fast and Steep would be the words to describe this slide.. but fun on so many levels.. 2nd to last day in Quebec well spent.

Keep the Flow! DHC Out!

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